Hei-Julor!!! is an award winning emergency alert system powered by theSOFTtribe/BSL in conjunction with partner security services designed to send out emergency alerts to our listed protection firms, partner radio stations, the Ghana Police Service as well as family, friends and neighbours in the event that you, your home or office is under attack. This system is designed to guarantee your safety and curb fears about loss of property in the event of an armed robbery or a related violent attack.


Hei-Julor!!! makes use of both a mobile phone alert platform and an innovative Smart(GSM) Alarm System in order to reach for help in the event of an emergency.

 icon-mobile-phone Mobile Aspect

In the event of a security threat, all you have to do is send a blank message(SMS) to our emergency number which will be saved on your phone upon registration or just call or “flash” the emergency number.

 icon-exclamation-triangle Alarm Aspect

This system is only included in the premium package. This alarm system comes equipped with one panic button, one remote control, a flashing siren and door/window sensors. The panic button is used to automatically trigger an alarm and emergency response in the event that you feel threatened. Door and Window sensors are also put in place to trigger an emergency response in the case where burglars may be trying to forcefully gain entry to your home or office. The remote control may be used to toggle between arming and disarming the security system, changing the system password and switching off the siren incase of a false alarm.


When the system is triggered, the following  chain of events occur simultaneously:

  • Your designated contacts(10 family, friends and neighbours) are alerted.
  • Your assigned security service is alerted and a well-trained Rapid Response team is dispatched to your location to assist you.
  • The Ghana Police Service will be alerted to your distress call.
  • Our partner radio station(s) will make an announcement to the public on your behalf.
  • The flashing siren is automatically switched on in order to draw the attention of neighbours and possibly scare off burglars(Only included  in the Premium Package).