This package comes with the basic features of the the Hei-Julor!!! Emergency Alert System. This includes sending alerts to:

  • Family,friends and neighbours
  • Our partner security firms who will promptly respond to the alert.
  • The Ghana Police Service
  • Our partner radio station(s)

This package ensures that you, your home or office stays adequately protected by a well trained Rapid Response Team at one of the most competitive prices on the market.


This package contains all the features offered by the REGULAR package in addition to some level of insurance cover offered by our partner insurance firms in the event of a burglary or other related violent attacks. The insurance cover paid out can amount to a sum of GHC 15,000.00, depending on the level of loss that occurs. With this package you can be rest assured that losses which occur in the event of an attack will be covered by our partner insurance companies resulting in our trusted customers paying minimal fees in recovering lost items.


This is the most comprehensive package offered and includes the contents of both the REGULAR and PLUS packages. In addition to the alert, response and insurance cover offered by those packages, the PREMIUM package comes with a state of the art alarm system which sets it apart from the rest. Although at an extra cost, the PREMIUM package ensures that you are heavily protected and well prepared to deal with burglaries and other related attacks. Some unique features of the PREMIUM package include:

  • One main panel
  • One wireless panic button
  • Motion sensors
  • One remote control
  • One flashing siren
  • Door and window magnetic sensors


Apart from our 3 main packages readily available, we offer customers the opportunity to tailor make their own security packages to suit home or business needs. This allows customers to specify the various types and quantities of security devices required in order to fully cater for their special security needs. In creating a custom package, factors like space size, space type and location influence the kind of security devices required as well the kind of emergency alerts that will go out in the event of an attack. Kindly glance at our cost structure for a better idea of how much our various security devices cost or contact us to find out more about our custom packages.


Hei-Julor Cost Structure