• Use doors reinforced with burglar proofing for exterior doors in order to make them difficult to penetrate

  • Reinforce windows with metal bars

  • Use motion sensitive lighting in order to catch burglars off guard and possibly deter them

  • Make sure that all doors connecting to the exterior of the house are locked at all times

  • Install peepholes in doors leading to the exterior of the house

  • Avoid hiding spare keys outside your house

  • Keep expensive items locked safely indoors at all times


  • Keep shrubs and hedges neatly trimmed to prevent burglars from using them as cover

  • Get involved in a neighbourhood watch team to help patrol the area

  • Use random access timers that change the time your lights come on and go off whilst you are away

  • Shut blinds and draw curtains to prevent prying eyes from assessing the contents of your home

  • Consider getting guard dogs to protect you at night whilst asleep

  • Keep your home or office well lit at all times

  • Be mindful of who you allow into your home or office at all times